Kareem Got Some S’Plainin To Do

Alright, here’s the lightning quick version: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fired a preggers lady. Preggers lady’s mommy got in touch with Kareem‘s people to tell them she’s suing on behalf of her daughter. (Still with me?) Then Jabbar’s peeps called the bosses of where Preggers Lady’s Mommy (PLM) works and got her fired as well. Now she’s pissed. That’s basically it. Then why the hell did I need to re-read this site’s third paragraph 10 times to get it?

Or just have a lookie here at the whole thing:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been sued after allegedly firing a pregnant female employee. And now, that employee’s mom is on the warpath.

Diana Broda claims Kareem canned her daughter in December 2005. The suit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges Broda’s daughter was pregnant at the time and was “wrongfully terminated.”

In an unusual twist, the employee (Broda’s daughter) is not the one suing. Instead, Diana Broda claims she worked for a law firm that represented Abdul-Jabbar. Broda says she contacted Jabbar and his company Ain Jeem and threatened to file suit when her daughter was fired. Broda says Kareem and Ain Jeem then went on the attack, contacting the law firm where she worked, which promptly fired her.Broda says before getting the ax, she was “an able-bodied individual,” but since then she has been “rendered sick, sore, lame, disabled and disordered, both internally and externally.”

Like I’m the one to critique someone else’s writing.. but really there were too many “shes” to keep straight. And while I’m attacking this site, see how tacky it was for them to include a random Kareem video of just 18seconds.

Anyways, for more, we turn to our Senior Kareemologist, Chris Hansen! What do you have for us Chris?



  1. Jake

    Not to be mean or insensitive; I’m all for supporting pregnant women, and giving them deferential treatment. I’ll stand up on the bus for them, sure.

    BUT – does that give them special treatment or ‘get-out-of-firing’ free card? I see nothing mentioned in your glib diatribe about what the cause for firing was. Merely whining: “but but but but …. I’m pregnant!” doesn’t give you a pass on being fired for cause. But – no cause is mentioned in all this. Is she being fired for being pregnant? No. Is she being fired because Kareem had something to do with it? Uh… again, No. Oh, I get it! It must be Racially Motivated & Gender Biased at the Same Time!

    Point is: pregnant or not has nothing to do with her being fired, from what I read. So people shouldn’t whine about it.

  2. Ah, no worrying about being mean or insensitive around here… I mean, I used “preggers” for pete’s sake!

    I agree with the “pregnant = unjust dismissal” is stupid, there’s gotta be a better reason for a dismissal in this day and age.. but we won’t know until they figure this one out. Until then….it’s fodder of this site’s humor and I’m all for that!

  3. rtl3

    “Broda says before getting the ax, she was “an able-bodied individual,” but since then she has been “rendered sick, sore, lame, disabled and disordered, both internally and externally.”

    omg that’s hilarious!

  4. I can’t wait for the next one…

    To Catch A Litterer – Who is this beast that dumps his shit all over the neighbors lawn?

    Neighbours? – You Canadians are so fancy.

  5. I believe the proper Canadian conversion is igloo-adjacent or here in Montreal: “LES HABITANTS!” if you’re into that sort of thing

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