This Week’s Wrap-Up With Pretty Pictures!

So stuff happened regarding everyone favourite NBA. One of these things was the inductions of Nique, Chuck, Joey D and some other people I probably should know but being a product of my generation that I am—I have no idea who they are.

Dominique Wilkins did a very interesting and fun thing for this special occasion: he drove his whole family in an RV to the HoF.

So the Hall of Fame is the HQ for Men in Black?

Chuck isn’t as adventurous nowadays ever since he announced that he would like to run for office in Alabama. Well, I’m ready to be the #1 underground grass roots street gorilla campaign leader for Team Charles:

A) that’s not me.
2) even if 2014 isn’t a presidential election year, it could happen with Chuck!

And finally, this week we saw the fun, intelligent, humorous Kareem get into some weird mixup, NBATV’s David Alridge has a breaking interview with the man himself:




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