Link and a Special Diary


You got questions (5 to be specific), Chris Clarke’s got video evidence to answer said questions….bitches! My favourite is listening to the TNT crew just losing it over the horrendous attempts from the Birdman, classic.

I just came back from a referee clinic for the rec league of my university. I think we’re all backseat referees while watching games at home, but we have the luxury of replays and multiple angles. That’s why I wanted to do this, seeing how things are like on that side of the fence….. and money, we get paid, or else, screeeew that! The following is my journey towards mastering the art (term used loosely) of reffin throughout this semester.

So here lies, for your entertainment and maybe a bit of sympathy: Amateur Referee Diaries with TheHypeChapter 1

As I walk towards the coordinator of this intramural basketball event I take a look at my fellow student-referees. There are a couple players from our university team that reffed before, a Pakistani dude no taller than 5 feet, and then there’s me, an ex-high school bench warmer 6th man turned basketball blogger/photoshoper of silly images. I am possibly quite unqualified as the only experience I have with any officiating is swearing made-up languages at Dick Bavetta or Bennett Salvatore in front of my tv.

I try my turn at doing the quick whistle—unsuccessful, as the coordinator tells me that I shouldn’t me “blowing” it, but “spitting” it. Whatever dude. He mentioned something about being an organizer at the Salt Lake City games, to which I kindly roll my eyes with the youthful attitude thought of: geez, showing off much?

We just quickly go through the easy stuff ie. where we should be in relation of the other ref; the correct volume the calls; when to give the Dwyane Wade treatment (nah, that wasn’t part of the itinerary) and wrap up things with a group referee hug (no, that didn’t really happen either, though I kinda wish it did…) Next week will be the official start of the league and my debut as an amateur referee, it shall be quite an experience, I tell myself. Will I gain a new found respect of this strange species we call “refs”? Will I be more lenient whenever I see a miss call during the NBA games? Will Casino Royale kick ass like the trailer shows it should? I’m hoping the answers are: maybe; let me think about it; and HELL YEAH! Until next time…

Current Referee Level: Violet Palmer


Don’t worry readers, this is just my version of filler until good NBA stuff comes rolling in sometime soon… this period kinda sucks for NBA action huh?


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