“Subtle” Changes

Fashion Friday Issue #1 (don’t hold your breath for #2):

Paging Mr. Stern: one piece triathlon suits are in! Look into it asap!
darn misspellings..

And just one more for the road, this time without any need for shopping of the photo. I shall call this one: “Vince Carter Won’t Get His Number Retired… EVER”


I’ll end today’s post on a solemn note by just saying that my thoughts and prayers are out to the victims and their families and the whole Dawson College community here in Montreal. If you don’t know what I’m talking about.. I won’t get into it (still hard to wrap my head around it, being a little too close for comfort). It was a bad day, but as a Montrealer, I know we will be able to get better soon, we’re tough like that.


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