Ladies Kick Guys’ Asses At Liking Sports

Hope the title isn’t going to be damaging. But, please, just read on a bit more before accusing the UnrelatednessTown of being sexist or just plain silly.

Here’s an article from Canadian Press, via, that uses fancy schmancy numbers to just simply say women like to watch sports (shocker!) and they spend just as much, if not more, time than guys either online or elsewhere in the discussion of sports. There’s this bit about the NBA that.. well, I dunno what to do with it:

The NBA estimates that 46 per cent of its fans are women, a popularity it said is partly due to its drama-filled games; its sister league, WNBA; and the “likeability” of players some of its high-profile players [sic].

“Likeability of players”? What does that even mean?

“There are female fans out there of all ages,” said Linda Choong, vice-president of the NBA’s Global Merchandising Group, which racked up US$100 million in sales to women last year. “They’re very much top-of-the-mind for us.”

During this year’s playoffs, the NBA launched a marketing campaign specific to women that included ads in entertainment magazines, more articles about players off the court and an appeal to the emotions by highlighting the storylines on the court – Cleveland Cavaliers guard Larry Hughes returning to help the team advance in the postseason after the unexpected death of his younger brother, for example. The result: female viewership was up 33 per cent on male-dominated ESPN, said Carol Albert, vice-president of league advertising and marketing.

Okaaay, woah. What?!? The marketing department (either NBA or ESPN, or both) uses something private and personal to appeal to “emotions of women”? That’s a bit unsettling… that they had this specific mantra to manipulate viewership (even at someone else’s expense) and was able to empirically collect the data to see if it worked. Righto..

But, I guess I’m just calling out things just for the heck of calling it out. So maybe there’s something else in the article that I may like?

Canada-based Harlequin spokeswoman Marleah Stout said sales of the books – 200,000 have been printed – are brisk. The partnership has been so successful that the company plans 21 NASCAR-themed books next year, printing over a million novels, she said.

Stout said the partnership was a natural because Harlequin knows women and “NASCAR wants to pay more attention to their female fan base because it is growing.” She says the hookup is like fried ice cream: “Sounds ridiculous, but it’s delicious.”

Actually it still sounds fucking disgusting, but that’s just me. However, I can stand behind Harlequin adapted novels for our league in question….


If you don’t like the wild country, perhaps some big city story…


Finally, if you happen to also not like the above money guzzling tale, then perhaps an everyday encounter…


Oh the wondering stories, I’m getting hot just thinking about them.. or maybe I shoudn’t have my iron on right next to the keyboard. Who knows.


  1. We at SunsGossip don’t buy into all of that heartwarming emotional stuff. For us, “likeability of players” = “hotness of players.” Or in other words, Bell + Diaw + Barbosa = Suns fan. Write us a choose-your-own-adventure Harlequin about one of those boys and we’ll talk.

  2. I agree with Suns Gossip about the “hotness of players.” For example, I am a Nikolas Tskitishvili fan.
    Also, if the NBA was really trying to reel in and make money off their female fans, they’d design hats, clothing, shoes, etc that I could actually wear. There ain’t much for the ladies on except for a few shirts with glitter which is not acceptable.

  3. Ah, the mind of the female sports fan… but I understand, it’s kinda like that with guys (ie ME) and Maria Sharapova, hot and great at her sport to boot.
    -Sonia: don’t look now, but sources (ie nobody) say is getting Louis Vutton to be next year’s uniform sponsor. Suck on that Reebok!

  4. Those are pretty amazing book covers and I’m sure the tales found within are equally compelling.

    On the “likeability,” it’s true, my girlfriend, her sister, her mom… etc are all “fans” of the Raja, Barbosa, Diaw trifecta. It’s fine by me because they stop bitching about the game being on to ogle said players, playa. My GF really likes Marion too because he’s f***ing hilarious. And my Mom is a fan of Steve Nash cause he “looks like such a good guy” and she really likes D’Antoni for reasons I would rather not think about.

  5. Oh yeah, I feel the same way about Sharapova. Yes very much so. I’m a BIG fan.

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