Kobe Lost In Translation

So while I was busy edumacating-myself with classes yesterday and broke quite a mental sweat (which, as the great thespian of our time, Rachel Bilson, in her alter-ego Summer, would say: “Ew”) Lucas from Phoenix Suns Rising took care of the comments section here at the UnrelatednessZone. What do the kids call that these days? “Holding it down?” Sure.

(That first sentence has got to be the longest run on sentence ever)

Okay, back to some NBA stuff: Kobe backtracked from earlier statements about Team USA “needing more chemistry” (from AP):

During the summer, Bryant toured Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. While in Taipei, he was quoted as saying the U.S. basketball team will have to work on its chemistry to perform well at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Didn’t happen, he says now.

“Those words never came out of my mouth,” he said. “I think something must have gotten lost in translation. Obviously, they misunderstood everything I was saying.”

Pshh, OBVIOUSLY. “Misunderstood everything” you said huh? Let’s see if we have that transcript…



  1. haha. i keep picturing Kob’ answering the questions w/ that look (in the pic) on his face. good times.

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