Raptors PR Is Kinda Boring

The Raptors have finally abolished the fugliest color for any sports jersey and gone straight to reppin’ Canada’s colours (yes, it’s spelled with a U here bitches). Anyway, nothing really astronomical in the tweak, just using all red all the time. Some of the pics are here.

It’s the rest of the photos, nay, CAPTIONS that are even more anti-climatic. You get stuff like:




When you have the likes of Pape Sow blessing you with a semi-amusing candid photo you GOTTA have wittyer captions. Listen Rebecca Virgin (*teehee*) here’s what you should’ve written:

-Sam Mitchell searching the lot for punka**es to run over

-P.J. Tucker has Venom like substance riding up his left thigh

-“Is Pape Sow gonna have to choke a bitch?”

Becky, step up your caption-making game yo, ain’t going to warn you again. Holla!

Raptors Hit the Links, Unveil New Jerseys [Raptors.com // Rebecca Virgin]


  1. SG

    I am pretty curious as to what exactly Tucker is laughing about.

  2. If he’s got an arrested development mind such as mine, he’s probably thinking “hehe, virgin…he he he” Okay I’ll stop 🙂

  3. That’s a great find of Pape Sow looking like Wayne Brady. It’s perfect, from the expression to the fact that he’s driving.

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