The Rec League Ref Saga: Episode III

Current Ref Level: Eddie Rush (dunno why either, I like his name though)
In other news, I’m in love with arrows

Previously on…(part 1, and part 2)

Tip off time was at 9pm. It’s 8:57pm.. you guessed correctly, I’m a bit late. I run to the sports complex front desk to ask for my ref shirt (jeeeeaaalous?) from a cutey girl I’ve seen working there before (hello.). I debate whether to impress the young lady with, “Hey there, I’m a ref, sup?” or “Hey there, you just committed an offensive foul…to my heart” (oh god, 3 weeks in and I’m already using the lingo to make lameass pickup lines!)—I put aside the Casanova schtick for now, it’s time for business.

First game of the night: I’m paired with an ex-player from the varsity team, so yay! The game starts…. aaaaand it’s over. Sorry to gloss over any details, but that’s how bad one of the teams were. The final score was 95-10! I really doubt my amateur officiating had anything to do with that. It did help me improve on my “for 3!” signaling as the team with the W catching Phoenix Suns-like fire from behind the arc. I think my arm is still stuck in that position.

Jeux Numero Deux: Much more intense and tight battle, which equates to an even harder time for the refs. But this time, I’m ready. First call I make, with confident and assertion: “FOUL! On the drive, #11 RED, White ball!” sweet, I think Ex-Varsity Player is impressed as well. My mentality for the rest of the game is “as soon as I see something iffy, make the call as soon as possible”. Now that probably is common sense for anyone that knows anything about basketball, but for me, being out there watching the game with some amount of contact on every play, you tend to let things slide more often than not. So that’s how I’m programming myself, like the Duncan Robot, to remind myself that I. Have. To. Call. It.

Goofs during this game: during one of the foul shooting sessions, the player was 3 feet inside of the foul shot line. Why didn’t I say anything? Because of those friggin multisport/badminton lines GAH! I let the player retake the shot—airball (hehehe) but I get to make a call sideline out of bounds, something I’ve always wanted to call when watching someone airball a foul shot.

Another goof: A player double dribbling so well that it completely confused the hell out of me, the closest ref. It was so blatlant that I was thinking, “jesus, it can’t be… she’s doing it repeatedly!”. Thankfully, the other ref caught it on the 3rd violation.

And of course there’s the goof of one of the teams missing their 5th player over a span of a couple minutes.

But overall, this time I called 80% of what I felt like I should call and no player got mad… except for one, this guy was like “dude, you’re not giving us a foul call yet” I was easily able to dismiss this dude because 1) his team was really horrible, you know, the one that lost to 80 pts 2) he’s not baller enough…he’s jacking up shots that barely scratch the rim. So yeah, no respect from me, that’s how I roll.


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