“It’s Too Hot In Here Man”

This is not nearly has transcendent as those 80s funky team videos that has been surfacing as of late, but this Trailblazers commercial is kind of amsusing. It’s probably a couple years old as it features my favourite passing man:

More lazy Sunday vids: KG goes one on one with a whole community

and this one

should be included in those NBATV slow-motion sequences with an inspirational message from a narrator.

docock.jpgIn more up to date news: October, or as we UnrelatednessCults like to call it: The Month That Ends With The Start of The NBA Season (I wonder why that isn’t being embedded in the mainstream yet… gotta check with my publicist) allows me to update my blogroll (and tags) now because team previews are coming out once a day over at NBA Previews; with a different featured blog(s) doing a write up of their team.

This is going to be great with new content each day as well as being able to check out new sites. Today’s first preview comes way of: CelticsBlog.com, about, you guessed it, the Boston Celtics. It’ll also be updated at the NBA Previews site, so check it out.

My contribution is to read it all, disgest the information and replicate it as my own knowledge come time when I have to talk to real life fans (read: plagarism) thus making everyone think I’m a mad genius mwhahaha (kiddin’) 😀


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