30 Toons In 30 Days (or More)

Y’know, between the NBA Previews from bloggers, SLAM’s Top 50 AND Hoopsaddict.com’s Podcast-A-Day counting down to the start of the 06-07 season, I must say: BLOGGERs eff-ing rule! (with exception of SLAM of course..they’re paid) So much hard work and content, who needs mainstream media?

(Shh, mainstream media, I’m just kidding baby, I won’t ever talk bad about you again, I swear.. aww…come here..)

But I’m no freeloader, all this new stuff coming in has inspired me to dedicate a drawing for each of the team previews that’s coming out this month. (Hopefully I can do one a day, scheduling and/or magical fairies permitting)

Today’s dedication is for the 2 previews that are up, Celtics and the Nets:


Uhh.. I just hope the hardcore Celtic fans won’t stone me for doing a rough imaging of their golden god Red Auerbach.. the other guy is Hova.. but he kinda looks like Biggie there huh? Oh poo… maybe I should reconsider doing this homage thing afterall :P?


  1. The Jay drawing is on point! And doesn’t look like Biggie. Brooklyyyyn!

  2. SG

    Dude that’s such an awesome idea.

  3. Heh, I can’t wait to do a KG one either Sonia 😉 That, or a stick figure of Mike James..y’know, whichever..

  4. SG

    I can’t decide which would be funnier.

  5. I like the Red image, did you do that yourself?

  6. -Jeff, thanks! and yup.. I used this picture here for “inspiration” (you see why I thought it looked off, but I’m glad the first impression is good!)

  7. please don’t do Mike James… that’s the last thing his ego needs 🙂

  8. Ryan, hehe, Mike Jame’s Ego? You mean the planet we’re living on?

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