Paging Eddy Curry! You best watch your minutes son! When you have a mutant lizard that can breathe fire eyeing your starting spot, you gotta post a career year man.

So yeah, the New York Knicks preview comes way of Bench Renaldo. I wonder when Mutoni will let the world know he is, in fact, Renaldo Balkman himself… I’d say before the All-Star break.

I’ll most likely do the next two previews related-doodle/chicken scratches for Thursday, so no sad face emoticons tomorrow okay? Okay.


  1. shhhh, Hype. that’s our little secret.

    nice drawing(s), by the way!

  2. where’s the next doodle? 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

  3. SunsGossip: Ohh… i’ve got something cooking… yes… yes… (*goes back on the couch to wait until LOST comes on*)
    Non-joke answer: I’m having one of those uh..what do you call.. when something is blocking a writer.. something.. BLOCKY-WRITER!…no..that’s not it.. mmm
    Non-non-joke answer: I’m actually working on it right now, but darn it, your hilariousCookie Monster one set the standard pretty high for a Sixers tribute!

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