Philadelphia, Where Liberty Crosses You Up

I have no idea what the title means either.

Over at Passion & Pride, the Sixers Preview is already one day old. You know what else is old? Iverson. But you know what else is what else? He’s probably going to put up another 40 zillion points a game this season without skipping a beat… which brings up to the doodle for the Sixers


Special shoutout (and e-high fives) to SunsGossip and their mad funny creations. Since we cartoonisters have to stick together like the inside pages of Maxim magazine (ew ew ew!), I went ahead and took one of their masterpieces and shoved it in the above as a cameo. Hint: it’s not the phone.

As of press time, the Raptors preview is up already, but it’s waaaay pass my milk & cookies/bedtime so I’ll get around to that a bit later.


  1. He’s President, but he’s still wearing the elbow gear. It’s all in the details sometimes. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh good times!!

  2. Jon

    That’s funny, but not as funny as a philly sportswriter trying to tell AI that he needed to shoot 44% to fix all the Sixers problems (from his famous “practice” press conference in the Larry Brown era, check my archives for Iverson quotes). Iverson shot 44.7% last year to no avail. Cheeks can’t coach, so the vets have to carry the load.

  3. The sportswriter really thought that’d solve the problems? heh, Well, can’t say AI never gave it his all…. I wish him another amazing season and hope his team gets back on track.

    I loved that “prrrrraaactice??” quote, I think it’s one of the best in sports..nay, in history of man.

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