Godless Killing Machines!

They may not quite be the #1 Threat to the NBA this season with all the changes and having superstar Pau Gasol out for quite a stretch of time, but the Grizzlies are still considered dangerous to Stephen Colbert.


The Memphis Grizzlies Previews is up over at The Beale Street Beat


  1. Ha – excellent likeness of Colbert. That bear looks about as threatening as the team’s Gasol-less front line.

    Keep up the good work … it looks like we’re the only bloggers left trying to keep up with the 30 teams/30 days tour.

  2. Seriously, it ran out of steam with just a week gone by hehe. But I’m loving the analyses, can’t wait for yours Jason!

  3. That seriously is an amazing portrayel of Colbert. Now only if he could put Mike Miller on notice…

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