Timmy Is A Smart Dude


The Previews are rolling strong! Check out another well written and fun preview—this time for the Immortal Spurs (which includes the indestructable Tim Duncan seen above) from Pounding The Rock. The Spurs wrap up the strong Southwest Division and tomorrow is the start of the Central with the sudden rebirth of the Bulls as the next preview.

Linkies: HoopsAddict.com has a very brain-stimulating interview with Jason Whitlock (I hear he’s involved in some…”dispute” or rather.. it’s probably about cookies or something) and they also have a good podcast about the Wizards and the Black President (who lost to the Raptors last night in the preseason game 93-88! Oh snap.. my true colours are showing..)

Oh yea, tomorrow is breaktime for doodle-ing from UnrelatednessHQ and we’ll be back in action on Thursday—once again, don’t call the police because you think we’re missing, we’re actually quite okay. XOXOXO


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