Bruise Brothers




Okay.. between me and you? These were recycled from two months ago…. Since I wanted to fill my self-imposed quota of one post a day, I’ll just redact what I said yesterday of taking today as a break (well, I still took a break, since it’s not fresh ish, you know what I’m sayin!)

Check out the latest preview from Blog a Bull for, (shocker!) the Chicago Bulls. Here’s a snippet:

Skiles’ is not exclusively a defensive coach, his offensive plan for the Bulls does its best to mask the lack of a low-post scorer and uses disciplined spacing, screening, driving/kicking and good-ole’fashioned ball movement (fun fact to impress with at dinner parties: The Bulls were the fifth-highest paced team in the NBA last season) to spread the scoring load among Hinrich, Luol Deng, Andres Nocioni, and their best pure scorer, Ben Gordon.

And just for fun: (even though it’s been out for a while, but news to me!) In another one of those quirky mashups: Q-Unit, the wonderful blend of Queen and 50 Cent. Though not as musically satisfying as Grey Album, Gnarls Biggie or Wu Orleans (arguable), it’s fun if you don’t pay too much attention to it and just let it be background noise.


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