Silly Rabbit


Yay, another day, another preview, this time for the Cleveland Cavaliers from the entertaining YAYsports! I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up in the Eastern Conference Finals come this spring, but I think they’re still missing that 3rd player to really gun for the championship. LeBron and Hughes are going to do what they do, but Z, to me, has been suspect in being able to play down the stretch.

In other news: PODCASTS! Portland Trailblazers is the latest team to be previewed in the p-casts and we get to see how understanding the Blazer fans are towards the team’s uh—“adventures”.

Of course, The Basketball Jones comes back and drops some heavy knowledge with their previews (jesus, so many previews!) with the rotation of team bloggers.

Steve Kerr all by himself is awesome. Steve Kerr making fun and snarking back at his readers is even awesomer.


  1. Jack

    Kill Bron. HA!

    That was a good preview though…though the Cavs winning 58? Um…doubt it.

  1. 1 I Love Hoops

    As long as I’m doing all the heavy lifting around here, here’s a thread called “Amazing-Ass NBA Blogs 2006”

    Another cartoon one that is making me roffle: TheHype!

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