Get the Detroit Pistons’ previews while they’re hot! This time, from the unstoppable Need4Sheed and the tough as nails Detroit Bad Boys!

You know who should get more publicity, ESPECIALLY in the blogworld? Gilbert Arenas. I haven’t heard or read anything about him in like, forever. Nope. Nothing. Oh, how I wish there’s an article in Esquire about him so everyone can report on it… hmm.. maybe only in my dreams…


  1. Jack

    Yeah, it’s ridiculous how everyone’s licking Gilbert’s balls around the web. I mean, yeah, he’s a great guy and a great player, but PLEASE. GIVE ME A BREAK.

  2. Preach brotha! Preach! I think it’s safe to say everyone loves him now (web-wise). Using my Intro To Psych 101 course, my assumption is that everyone just wants to make sure everyone ELSE knows they’re in love him in as well.

  3. SG

    I hear what you dudes are saying but all the funny/weird Arenas stuff aside, dude does some classy stuff. There’s nothing wrong with all the love he’s been shown lately.

  4. Yeah, I know SG.. that was just a sudden overload of luuuurve. And I have no problems proclaiming my own man-love for Gilbert, just took me by surprise I guess.

    How about this, let’s start an underground cult trend love for KG as well! He’s well respected, but not on Gil’s level of zanyness, I’m sure he’s into quirky things, what’s the inside scoop?

  5. SG

    Alas the love for KG is too mainstream to get an Arenas-esque thing going. More fitting would be an underground cult following for everyone who feels bad for KG (i.e., everyone who loves Garnett).

    Also, I don’t know of any weird things KG does that would cause anyone to equate him with Arenas.

  6. Arenas definetly deserves the love. I just wish some of it can be saved for the regular season. I don’t want readers to be tired of the latest Gilbert Arenas stuff when he drops some even more amazing quotes during the actual season.

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