You Stay Classy, Stephen Jackson

Sure, I didn’t hop on the maiden voyage of the Stephen Jackson mania last week, but what else could I say that the big dogs haven’t already? Well, I guess there’s always this:


The Pacers are an enigma of sorts right now, where not even bloggers bother to set up a team site for them, as if saying, “ohhh fuck that, I’m not going to be any way associated with those loons”. Well at least this time I’m ahead of the NBA Previews! Supposedly, according to the schedule, Donning Craig Sager’s Suit (a site possibly on the cusp of being raw funny.. but not enough posts yet to make it so) is going to do it. Not sure when that’s coming, but I got you covered when the update comes. Word.

UPDATE: It was up in the evening last night while I got schooled by a shorter, fat kid in at the gym that kept driving to the hoop (YOU GOTTA WANT IT HYPE!)


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