Other Things To Complain About

The on going early complaint so far for the 06-07 season is the new ball. There’s no way you don’t know what the deal is, but just in case, a refresher course: T’was reported here in the UnrelatednessCubicle a while back about something mysterious brewing. Then, it was just a new ball, meh. Then I made a comic about people finding this site from googling it (I feel dirty).

Now fast forward to preseason, the players finally actually start to play with the new ball. The verdict: “Booooo!”, not to be mistaken with “Boo-urns” (shut up Hans Moleman).

This isn’t anything new, where last year it was The Dress Code Armageddon and The Leg Tights Manifesto. The year before it was something or rather, but best believe the players were pissed at it, whatever it was.

It all goes to show that David Stern is always trying out new things—who can blame him? It’s a sport that’s constantly evolving for better or worse, but I like to think his initiation of the changes helps the process of making things better faster.

What’s in store for future changes? Well, our agent on the inside found the shape of things to come:

and I’m suuuuure players will complain about these changes then…whine whine whine…

(oof, 2 posts in one day, broke a blogging sweat there..at least I’m covering something other than the previews, it’s been awhile yo. Feels..smooth..yeaa)


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