The Golden Nugget


Your 2006-2007 Denver Nuggets Preseason Preview is now officially included in the echelon of previewed teams.

It’s from Nick over at the comprehensive Nugg Doctor site.

I hear he can cure 7 different illnesses, though 5 of which are completely fabricated, like Scotch-tape-itis and Green Highlighter Phobia. You’d have to take it up with Nick regarding these allegations.

Now tomorrow comes the Wolves’ preview and with all the love and encouragement of SG/Lil Dice over at I Heart KG, I just hope whatever I come up with won’t disappoint or piss her off 🙂 


  1. Thanks for the plug guys, I appreciate it.

    Nick The Nugg Doctor

  2. SG

    I know you’re not going to let me down.

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