KG Has Some Choices


I hope that this one is satisfactory for the likes of I Heart KG 🙂 Incidentally, the little girl in the strip may or may not be influence by a certain.. “someone” dum dum dum.

And it just so happens that SG’s preview for the Timberwolves is fresh today so go and peep it. My thinking is that Mike James is going to give KG a heart attack by the end of the 3rd month (what? me being biased after watching last year’s Raptors games? Nooooo)

Other linkies: Brian Lucas (good guy) of Phoenix Suns Rising did a pod-thingy over at the hot You’ll see that not only is he good at covering the Suns, but he’s also got quite a good grasp of the Asian culture.

Gonna take another mid-week abrupt break (this time I’m gonna stick with that break) and I’ll probably just do the rest of the teams ill-ustrations in batches. Reason being: I really should start keeping up with actual, real NBA news (one of these days..) and the other reason is that I don’t want these to become stale and oversaturated. Just ask Garfield.


  1. SG

    You went above and beyond. This is awesome! For sure a good time to take a mid-week break as you deserve it.

  2. Yay! I’m so happy you liked it, I was even thinking of somehow putting Mike James in there… but the internet isn’t big enough for his ego. zing zing!

  3. *groan*

    (regarding the comment, not the cartoon)


  4. hmmm, whatever, US is still the world’s best, they just don’t have enough time to get the chemistry. We’ll see how they rock in 2008 BeiJing

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