Do People Still Care About Dennis Rodman?

Obviously I do, or else I wouldn’t be putting up a post about it. I guess today is Bulls Champ-era theme day as the highclass TMZ “reported” that Dennis Rodman was outside of some club and was picking up girls (along with a very boring, and quite frankly, badly shot video proof)

But really, is it still gossip-y to chat/report/videotape about Rodman’s social life? That’s been the dude’s life for quite a while. It’s like still being surprised that Bill Gates is rich.

I think the only thing really worth talking about Rodman is that he’s still sporting those stupid trucker hats…everywhere:




  1. Dennis Rodman has low self esteem.

  2. We tried to play the video and it broke our computer. We’ll take your word and be over it.

  3. I sincerely apologize and take full responsibility for linking the URL, since I had to reload my browser 10 times to view it… TMZ’s site pretty much runs on the empty souls that they dig dirt on..

  4. Not really. I doubt his skills now. The rules are keep changing. Dennis Rodman can’t fit the games

  5. I just love dennis!!

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