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Heh, that’s supposed to be Nick Collison, I guess the color I used was little too dark? Let’s just say he’s uh..Rashard Lewis?

The Northwest Division wraps up with a couple subperb previews:

One from the very awesome Henry Abbott of True Hoop being VERY realistic about his Portland Trailblazers.
Then SonicsCentral feels their club is on their way back to the 04-05 shape.

And finally, I think the best/funniest preview yet: from Lowpost.net/blog’s bro (though Jason should get endless kudos for coming up with lowpost.net in the first place!) comes the Utah Jazz outlook. Go take a gander, did I mention it was funny?


  1. SG

    Dude that is so funny. He does really look like Collison.

  2. awesome doesn’t even come close to describing this.

  3. John Hodgman is clearly a huge hero to me.

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