What Comes Before Part B? Part-AY!


From notre frère d’une autre mère, Bench Renaldo, brings to light Eric Musselman’s DUI after a preseason win. If we won against Utah, in preseason? Psfff, hell ya we celebrate til the break of dawn! WOooo!

Prez of bball operations Petrie says:

“On behalf of the Kings organization, we are very disappointed in the poor personal behavior which precipitated this incident. We also believe Eric will face this adversity honestly and appropriately.”

I bet the Maloofs on the other hand would give a statement to the like of:

YEAH! That’s my boy Eric! You crazy rascal you! Free passes to the Palms for LIFE! BAAH!!

Sactown Royalty has more

We really shouldn’t be poking fun at drunk driving. We’ll try harder to be less crass next time (which will last about a week..)


  1. Hey, we thought YOU were our frère d’une autre mère! Does that mean that we’re related to Mutoni too?

  2. Mais oui! I think it’s time we have our cross-country family reunion. Sonia can come too! And Lucas, hell, everyone’s invited, just bring food!

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