NBA’s Next Top Model


I’m going to say it, I don’t care: Adam Morrison is fugly. There. I know, I know, I’m going against the “popular crowd” on this, but I’m totally going to stick to my convictions on this one. I’m sorry ladies, but while everyone is in love with Adam’s boyish looks, I just have to say no. I’m just trying to keep it real yo.

(oh, my sarcasm machine just broke)

Preview-icious: The Hawks’ preview from Impending Firestorm is here and the Charlotte Bobcats from Bobcat Bonfire gets previewed over here.

In UnrelatednessNews: I’ll be doing my school’s underground radio show (that’s right, I’m going old school, not this podcast mumbo jumbo where you can download it and listen to it whenever— it’s internet streamed! Yeah, one time only bitches) tomorrow (Monday) at 2pm ET over at to talk about, yes, the NBA preview!! If you have a chance out of your busy schedule of real work, have a listen.

But you know, it’s a university type radio show… don’t expect anything fancy. Addition to that, don’t expect anything fancy from me! I’ll try my hardest to pretend to know what I’m talking about.

So, for the conclusion of this Sunday, I leave you with the future face of Pop-Superstardom:



  1. Awwww we hate to be a hater….but….. yes, we concur in your assessment of Adam Morrison’s fugliness.

  2. SG

    I have no shame in saying you’re both wrong. Morrison is pretty dreamy in my book.

  3. Heh, fine fine, our family dinner accepts all forms of thought… but you’re bringing the desserts 😉

  4. SG

    For dessert we’ll go to a Bobcats game…

  5. Jack

    Whatever. Morrison is up there with Chris Kaman in the “Ugliest Player” race this year. With a little help and experience, he may surpass Kaman.

    Oh wait, no, that’s impossible.

  6. Wait…Fabio’s on the Bobcats?

  7. He’s got freaky-ass biceps too

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