Self-Pimpin’…Up In M.T.L.?


Just a quickie (must recover from blabbering over the hosts on the radio show):

Over the weekend, the kind kind folks over at Daily Basketball gave NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness Kobe’s old number on their Top Ten hoops blogs. 9th is Blog Maverick—chew on that it mr. multi-millionaire that can’t type more than 5 words without the words “DMCA safe harbor act”!

While I’m at it, I’m just going to say big ups to the rest of the hoops blog world, from the warm and fuzzy support of IHeartKG, SunsGossip, HoopsAddict, PhoenixSunsRising to all the rest of the genius writers out there (y’all know who you are, TrueHoop, TBJ, B.R. etc etc etc.. see: NBA Talky links on the right side) that I “draw” inspiration from when reading their content. As always, I’ll keep on furthering the UnrelatednessBiz, because if I don’t, Reggie Evans threatened to come over and take something away…

And yes, those are space invaders on the top banner, I’m glad you asked.


  1. SG

    Despite the hating on Morrison, you deserve the honor.

  2. Because of the hating on Morrison he deserves the honor.

    Thanks for the hug. Awwwwwww. *tear*

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