The Rec League Ref Odyssey Continues

Woah, Wednesdays are crazy with updates in the hoops blog world eh? It’s probably a good thing I’ve got classes all day to stay relatively oblivious of the orgy of posts til I get home.

Alright, time to get to the dirty dirty: The continuation of my anthropological social experiment of what the ancients once called “Refereeing”. In case you missed the previous incarnations, here’s Part One | La Deuxième Partie | and 第三集

Current Ref Ego level: Dan Crawford (I’m not saying Dan’s got the ego, but I’m saying I have the ego for comparing myself to him)

Okay, after a week off the ref duties, I sense my abilities a tad off. Hopefully when I see JP, it’ll calm me down a bit knowing I got a more experienced dude (and bigger/taller—you know, in case I get jumped). Wouldn’t you know it, JP isn’t anywhere to be seen.

We’re already 5 minutes behind schedule and both teams are getting a bit peeved…but the show must go on! I get the nod from the organizer to start without JP. So I oblige, reluctantly, seeing as the two teams, which I shall coin them team Whitey (they wore white jerseys ok?) and team Red Fury (red jerseys and played like they were pissed at the world for kicking their puppies*will elaborate later*), have that salivating twinkle in their eyes as if to say: “HOLY SHIT! Only one ref! We’ll abuse him like Ron Ron abuses mics!”

“Um, okay guys? I’m by myself, so, take it easy alright?” says moi.

“Sure” “Haha” “*grumble*” “moo” “No sweat!” says Whitey/Red Fury in unison.

I make the tipoff, and it gets swatted all the way to the side out of bounds. Just as I make my way over to get the ball, I see a mysterious object run past me towards that very target…it’’s JP!! “Sweet Zombie Jesus!” I exclaimed nerdfully in my own thoughts, but smiled wide outward.

Gamewise: you know how the Charge/Block is the hardest thing to call because depending on the perspective it’s 50/50? Here’s some other 50/50 calls that I’ll probably need 10 more games to master:

  • the “as you’re receiving the ball in running motion” where the players seem to travel. In my mind I’m thinking: he’s so travelling, but it looks oookay so I’m not calling it (maybe that’s the problem with NBA refs?)
  • the “dribbler looking out of control or the defending not moving their feet” (this is harder to judge since it’s rec league—they’re both guilty of something
  • the fast breaks, they’re just hard to follow period, having to run ahead of them and get clearer views

Back to the game: Red Fury has one of those Hot Headed players that I’d hate to play against just because they yell so much (transitively, I equally hate to ref them as well). Example: Team Whitey crosses half court but Hot Headed Player deflects the ball backcourt. However, Whitey recovers and brings it back again. HHP yells “HEEEEy!!!!!!! That’s BAAACCKCOURT!!!” Shut.Up. You’re wrong, and I’m not going to call it just because you screamed it. He’s also the type of player that, after making an ill advised pass straight to the wall, would run towards the ball and kick it. Geez man, relax.

Injury! Team Whitey’s requisite female player got hit on the knee and has a hard time getting up. I was the nearest official on the scene and play was still going on. What do I do??? I elected to wait, hope, for a quick dead ball. But in retrospect, I think I should’ve called for stoppage (minus 2pts for Hype, tear.)

So Team Whitey continued with just 4 peeps on the floor and managed to pull out the win due to their scorching 3pt-ers. So I guess it’s understandable that HHP would be raging and screaming, but honestly, he’s still kinda a dick about it.

As for me, I think by now I’ve gotten down the whistle thing down and hand-pump every time I make a call. I just have to make the calls I’m thinking about instead of just thinking about it. It’s the same thing when I’m watching NBA games sometimes: I see a foul but it doesn’t really register until they whistle, but even then I’m baffled as to why they called it (but that could be an entirely different rant altogether 8))

  1. SG

    It seems so nerve wracking that I don’t know how you do it. I’m glad you do, though, because these recaps are awesome. Still laughing about the last paragraph.

  2. Maddd skillz. for real.

    No sweat on the running travels, no one cares about those. And-1 Rules!

  3. SG, yea definitely at first I was stressed out because EVERYONE makes that “whaa? foul? me?” look or backseat reffin. But after a while you know who the usual suspects that keep doing it so I just ignore them and make fun of them later in my recaps heh.

    If it’s And1 rules, at some point during the game, I should be obligated to steal the ball and score for whichever team I want…and then the announcer would go “OOOH NOO THE REFEREE! THE REFEEEEREEEEE!” Yeah..

  4. You make me want to ref. Err, play ball in a rec league and ref between games.

  5. Crazy how puttin on the stripes gives you a whole new perspective. Been around ball my entire life and I felt like I never seen it ever the first time I refed. If only I hadn’t burned down right before….

  6. Mark

    Hate to break it to you (because you sound like you’re doing pretty well in reffing), but it takes a lot more than 10 games to get an understanding of block/charge.

    The secret? Ref the defense.

    Also, it’s intramurals – I always T early and T often in those.

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