Got The Munchies?


Weed legal at ASG in Vegas not a problem? Ha! Oh Mr. Stern, you slay me, SLAY me I say. Quick, New Jersey Nets officials send Cliff Robinson off to Ireland or something during that weekend!

Stern: Nevada pot bill won’t effect ’07 All-Star game []

Chris Anderson, your services are needed for, um, “extra” entertainment…


  1. Hey now, you guys leave The Birdman out of this…

  2. Unless they build a bullet train between here and Vegas I’m going to need a car with better gas mileage.

  3. Brrrrrrr? I gots love for Birdman, here’s hoping he gets back into the lig, he’s always a great personality.

    Lucas, mind giving me a lift?

  4. I’ll get you lifted…

  5. Hehhe, that is what I am talking about!

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