Fantasy 06-07, Bring It!

Like YAY!, this is our first time playing in any type of Fantasy league. We were able to join the good folks (one province over!) over at and their league for this upcoming season.

Other than knowing we needed players, we’re not totally sure how to win it. But whatever the outcome, we’ll be the first ones to let you know we still won.

The following is TheHype’s Unrelatedness Gang roster:

First up, the Cash Cows (please PLEASE let T-Mac be healthy):
(C’mon guys! Say it with me: Re-cord-break-ing-year!)

Then comes the Posin’ 4some:

“Hello? Yes, yes, me friends are, how you say.. ‘smoothy’? We good at basket and even one knows computer! Sexy!”

And who can forget, who are these dudes??kurtthomas.jpghoward.jpg



Okay guys? One of you gets a new Forrest Gump DVD if you keep your stats up to at least the All-Star break. Cool? Awesome! Go Team!


  1. SG

    T-Mac was on my fantasy team last season. I hate him.

  2. So…if he’s killing it this year… would you get madder? or less mad..? Either case: *crosses fingers* C’mon Lorenzen Wright!

  3. Hahaha why does Barbosa have some ginormous cordless phone from the early nineties?

  4. We’re neck and neck in the standings Hype. We need to take someone out.

  5. I know!! The Suns’ boys are paying huuuge dividends this early in season for us. I say we join forces and somehow kidnap STAT from Mile High Nuggs and share between us two…

    Oh, and I dropped Lorenzen Wright like a bad habit, damn hobo.

  6. Man Diaw is truly underperforming for my team. He needs to get his ass going. He isn’t even having decent or average games. I wonder if I could mail him some redbull.

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    […] Basketball and Other Unrelatedness is a great blog, and has a pretty awesome team in the Hoops Addict league that was drafted just about a week ago, Saturday. […]

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