Bob Costas, You’re Going Down

So a friend of mine does a little sports show on our school’s online radio show and he asked if I wanted to be their “NBA” dude. “YEAH!” I said.rene-levesque.jpg

I tried my best at “sounding” smart, pretending to know a lot more about ball than I really do. If you’re looking for actual insight though, especially coming from other hoops blogs.. eeeh, probably not going to find it.. think of this as a light snack. It’s mildly amusing at some points and I’m pretty sure everything I mentioned is common knowledge among hoop heads anyway.

So…after giving you AMPLE reason to stay away from this (which I’m kinda hoping you do even though I decided to upload it 🙄) here’s what sounds like some NBA talk:

[Downloadable 14.5 MB mp3 – 15:45mins]


Important Notes:
—the hosts are “Angry Alex” and “Con Man”, I included
just my segment (I cut out the rest of the show, cuz, well.. my site 😉!)
—I was hoping I wouldn’t get asked about the Okla Group/Sonics/Hornets situation, since I messed up the info.. half the games in Naw’lins? More like 6..
Superdome?? Yeah.. no… (Con Man blurted it out and I didn’t really think about it) though the New Orleans Arena site’s “message” is unintentionally hilarious
—I meant to say Henry Abbott is adamant about them NOT being called Jailblazers.. wow, I suck!
—and I say “y’know” way too many times
—oh, not much ‘previewing’ I know, that’s lowgrade college radio show for ya!

Well, hopefully I improve in subsequent weeks (back again tomorrow if y’all are interested). Keep in mind that was my first ‘hack’ at any type of radio and yes, Skeets & Tas are my idols and inpiration.


  1. You sound like Skeets’ younger cousin, which I assume you’re going to take as a compliment.

    That one guy has the lowest and fastest voice I’ve ever heard. I’m guessing its “Angry Alex”

  2. That was THE most entertaining podcast/radiocast/audio-thang we’ve heard all preseason. For real. Looking forward to the next installment…

  3. Haha yea, Alex has that atypical “radio voice” even in normal-speak.

    Oh, I’ll so be bringing the thunder on the next segments, watch out!

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