DJ, Drop That Beat

ronartestrapbattle.jpg Wow, Sactown Royalty ends the bloggers preview on a crazy note as they pose 93 Questions (but a bitch ain’t one..) I barely made it to #5. Oh, there’re answers too! (ugh, that reminds me exam season is knocking at the door..go, away!)

We, as well, bid adieu to the Previews. Now that the L is back on the screen, we’ll focus on real matters, just like all the cool kids—but still we’ll either make silly doodles and/or mindless photoshopping about it instead of deep insight…

And what of the NBA TOONS? Oh, it’ll come back soon, just now they’ll take a 20 second timeout (until they come out of the huddle and see the opposing team’s lineup and calls for a full)

NBA Action, booya!


  1. SG

    This was an awesome way to end the Previews.

  2. yes BUT would have been even hyper if you had recorded some audio to go along with it…. ha! speaking of which, where is our next installment of the Alex Anger show??

  3. Oh Ms. SunsGossip, your rhymes put anything I could come up with to shame..that and asians have a hard time being “ill” with da mic, ya? Even that “Jin” guy from 106 & Park retired.. I could give it a shot, but I’m afraid I’d manage to make Kevin Federline sound acceptable, and nobody wants THAT! (burn!)

    Yup I just did the show yesterday and I’ll have it uploaded tonight or tmr. This time, it’s more “Mildly Peeved Alex”

  4. Damn, Jin retired? That fool was SICK wit it.

    Well, we’re confident from your super-smooth radio performance that you’d be able to hold it down for the gangsta Asians. Next week we’re calling up Angry Alex and demanding that he get you to spit a few bars.

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