Last Housecleaning Minutes Before Real Season Starts

hifipause.jpgGrumble grumble it turns out that Angry Alex of “The Aftermath” on was so angry he forgot to press record… boo-urns.. *sigh* it had some “interesting/waaaay out there” things that were said.. obviously mostly by me.

Some of the items included:

Me saying the Nets are going to the Finals… yeah, if I could remember the dealer who sold me the crack I clearly smoked before I picked them, I’d totally share it with you. But I said it kind of jokingly (rolls eyes) and thought the guys would have a reaction.. obviously they didn’t and now I’m mr. dummy head.

Then again, Jack-o McCallum from also predicts the Nets… changes everything now doesn’t it? (slight Update: Chuckster also likes the Nets! I’m gaining confidence with this more and more ha!)


ROY: Adam “I’m Actually A Comedian” Morrison

Raps to playoffs? Nada.

MVP pick: LeBron.

Ask if Heat goes back to Finals: Negative.

Ah, what the hell ever, after the first week no one’s going to remember these goofy preseason picks. And I’ll deny everything I said 6 months later.

Sucks that I couldn’t have the recording, thought I improved a bit (re: not making up random fake facts). But I’m their NBA guy for the whole season every Monday so no worries, I’m sure there’s plenty of chance of me doing more crazy-talk within a 15 minute span.


  2. I know.. that was me x203800000 when I couldn’t find the file… 😥

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