Oddest. Team. Collage. Ever.


Something about this team pic/collage/cut&paste of various other PR shoot is just totally off. Can’t quite put our fingers on it..

Could be the fact that this team is so pasty. Could be TJ Ford’s angular tilted head in proportion to his body seems like it’s from the cutting floor of Star Trek: The Original Series. Could be PJ Tucker’s gap in his teeth. Or it could be the fact that Rasho somehow reminds us of Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird (never saw the movie, just read the book—hell ya we used imagination, that’s how we roll!).

Whatever it is, it scared us. And Halloween was yesterday. But it’s not traumatizing enough to miss their opener against New Joisaaay Nets and the Sopranos tonight. Interestingly, Mo Pete’s hard pose is quite calming..

(capped COPPED* from Raptors home page)

*watch your back Mutoni! My eagle eyes will be on your every.written.word. 👿 (hehe, just joshin’, we cool with our fellow maple syrup loving bro)


  1. SG

    I thought YOU made that pic. I can’t believe it is actually up on the Raptors site.

  2. sorry to be a bitch about this, but isn’t it “copped”?


  3. Mutoni….et tu Brute? going all urban-slang nazi on my ass.. but you right g, I’ll try harder next time…..um.. “ballllliiiiiiiingggg”!!

    (I have no idea either.. Sam Rubenstein is ruining my language)

  4. yeah, he’s brought me into the dark world of jim jones as well. it’s all over for me.

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