Thursday Thumbtacks

thumbtacks.jpgHere’s our attempt at linking up the internets like the rest of the blog world. Since “Bullets” were already coined by the 120% all-day-everyday TrueHoop; “Links” are Whitakered by Lang over at SLAMonline… and probably a whole bunch of other synonyms already taken up by bloggers since the existance of the modem back in 1637. So “Thumbtacks” shall be ours… and only on Thursdays (because it rhymes—yeah we’re 3 year olds)

But before we get down, while looking up why the Sonics only played Nick Collison 17 minutes (didn’t get a chance to watch it due to League Pass being non-igloo compatible), I found this little bit on the pre-game notes:pronounciations.jpg

Like woah. I haven’t looked around the other teams but I’d imagine some of the other pronunication guides would be like this:

Ben Wallace: WAULH-lass
Tim Duncan: [error: session timedout]
Antoine Walker: Fatty McFatKid
Isiah Thomas: Smartest Man Alive!
TheHype: Montreal NBA Blogger

Yup.. now, returning to program already in progress, here’s them URLs…

Ty Thomas may pimp one of those fasionable masks after getting introduced to Mr. Elbow from Posey the other night. I say Thomas should keep playing defense with his face, who knows, would be quite innovating.

Carlos “SUPERSTAR!” Arroyo got a surprise visit from his evil twin brother and he says it was good motivation for the game. Okay Mr. Puerto Rico, we can’t come up with 82 members of you family to show up…..wait a sec.. [stereotyping joke goes here]

Damon Jones reminds everyone that he’s the man. He even cured cancer, it’s true.


Ryan offers up a couple good reads here and here.. might have to update my Amazon queue.

That’s about it for this first time.. Gotta run real quick, but fear not, Dick Bavetta is here



  1. what kind of accent do you have that makes “thursday” rhyme with “thumbtack”??

    (just playin…)

  2. SG

    Try to say it really fast a few times.

  3. Eh..give us a break, we’re Asian, in the country of Canadistan and in the province of all French..our enunciations are bound to get fuzzy 😉

    Then again, I firmly believe anything starting with ‘TH’ rhymes..

  4. It’s not that it rhymes, it’s just smooth like Courvoisier.

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