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lilnate.jpgFound out from Sam’s column that Nate Robinson keeps an actual blog. Like, RSS, comments and links and shit! Totally unlike those fake ones.

Turns out Nate’s “Gr8Life” (is he a fan of Avril Lavigne?) blog has been around for a long while, around a year I guess. In the blogging news world, that equates to me being a decade late…HOWeva I just caught wind of it.. so I win.

The newest entry was from Oct 31st and he talked about “a tough practice”

The other day, coach wouldn’t let us leave until we made 10 straight free throws, with five players needing to make two each.

Well we couldn’t make free throws to save our lives, and were forced to run laps together as a team. Well finally we made our 10, as Steve, Stephon, myself, Quentin and Jamal made two each.

Wow, point guards, in the NBA, can’t hit 2 FTs in a row… notnatesfavs.jpg trying to nitpick, but c’mon! Free throws!

Anyways, I’ll be sure to keep tabs on Nate’s diary, though I like to point this out:

I dunno, Family Guy has its moments, but ever since it came back I feel there’s always something left to be desired. Oh and there never was a “The” in the title. That, I like to nitpick.

(Yeah, Earl Boykins is shorter than Nate… but doesn’t it feel like Nate is smaller? In the gut?)


  1. Homie is reppin the likes of the Knicks and 50-Cent and you’re quibbling over a “the”?

  2. Hehe, don’t forget Kels!! Ohhh Ms. SunsGossip, I promise to have an excellent show tmr (I’ll also remember to record it this time!)

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