Melo Looks To Strike Back

Carmelo Anthony, seen here in a screencap of his new sci-fi movie debut: Destroyer of Officials: The Rogue Jedi

In the 96-95 loss to the Clips, Mr. Carmelo Anthony got ejected because the refs are scared of a headbands… and talking, they are no fan of either.

This truly sucks y’all. I mean, Sheed is Sheed, he does what the eff he wants, so sometimes his Ts are legit. But now that you’re handing it out to players whenever they go, “umm… ref?” is quite harsh.

Does “no more whining” = “no more emotions” as well? I say BOO to this.

Totally Unrelated but Funny: Seth over at Your New York Knicks dug up a Zeke gem that’s well… you really have to watch it yourselves.. 5 times.


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