Fantasy Check-In

fantasyisland.jpgHey hey, the rookie fantasy baller is in 5th place after 1 week y’all! It’s ova! (what? there’s another 7 months to go…?)

Anyway, few thoughts on watching games now that I have fantasy points on the line: T-Mac, you friggin bum, learn to shoot better! Geez man, you’re colder than cold, you’re -273.16 °C or 0 (K) on the Kelvin scale (ohh nerd snap!)

The rest of ma boys are doing alright, I just wish Jeff Van Gundy would let Juwan Howard have more burn, he’s better than 5 minutes of PT. And don’t worry Lucas, Diaw should improve after looking at game tape between cookie reps and donut crunches.


Oooh, amusing (for me at least) funfact: while looking for the new ball pic, using google images I actually found my entry up thurr. Three cheers for UnrelatednessBanana and our riding of the newest fad!


  1. SG

    I hear you, dude. Despite my hatred for T-Mac last year, I picked him up in one of my leagues this year.

  2. I am getting my butt kicked in my own league… how sad is this??

  3. heh, no worries Ryan, I’m sure by this Friday P² and Melo are going to rack up monster numbers, I can feel it

  4. Bonzi is hurting my emotions as well. If him and Diaw give me SOMETHIN I’m right back in it. I am patient like mantis.

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