NBA Toons: Helpful Tips


Man, that Sci-Fi Film class is taking over my other interests huh?

Oh and if you indeed DO want to cross Mr. David Stern, there’s an interesting site/forum classily called Fire David Stern (via TrueHoop). I fully condone their site, if for no other reason that they implemented a doodle from the UnrelatednessSite for their logo/banner.

(*psst* Mr. Stern, don’t send your robots to crush me.. please sir!)


  1. Great Cartoons! You have an incredible talent.

  2. Those FireDavidStern fools better be paying you a royalty!

  3. That is what is up!

    And thanks for the love Eric!

  1. 1 Give Me The Rock » Evil Clowns and Doc Rivers

    […] Fire David Stern is up… for now. I can already see him mobilizing the robots. […]

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