Thursday Funsnacks

thumbtacks1.jpg Warning: pretty non-NBA related here (well, more than usual), felt like flipping the script, just for fun—I swear I’ll limit these randomness:

—An interesting disection of CNN’s front “news” page and how the author considers the page leaving lots to be desired.

—Ah, Simpsons has a teaser for their movie. I haven’t seen an ep of the Simpsons in 5-8 years. But I’ll still be interested in this.

—You ever wondered what LL, Jay-Z (oh oh, NBA related! New Jersey Brooklyn Nets owner!!), DMX and Snoop would be like if they were one person? Answer: Aries Spears. (via StraightBanging)

Couple thoughts:
–Check out the DJ’s OMGOMGOMG look behind Aries when he does the Jigga impression.
–Said “omg dude” is carefully camouflaged beside those racks of cds with that amazing shirt
–and “jesus christ.. JESUS CHRIST!”

Ok, back to the hard hitting stuff *cough*doodling/photoshopping/bad grammar*cough*…


  1. Jack

    HA! That dude’s Jay-Z was solid. The little laugh that he did for J at the end topped it off.

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