NBA Toons: Hoop Origins


And that’s the truth. Don’t believe the propaganda machine, it’s all LIES! Trust us, we’re the sane ones!

Hope everyone’s going to have a nice weekend, we’ll be sleeping on the library floor hoping one of these events: final papers; lock-down studying; or becoming smart will magically occur.

Before forsaking this electronic abode (for the weekend), we’d like to turn your attention to (which has been über HOT with updates, like their mag). They posted a must read about Playing for Peace, just amazing how much power you have if you put it to good use. Also, Ryan interviewed the author of the book “Ball Don’t Lie” on his latest podcast where we learn Taryn Manning is part of the movie adaptation.

Ok, no frontin’, hearing the name Taryn Manning just boosted my lazy ass from “30% thinking of getting the book” to “99% running to the store”. (Just kidding, Ryan’s review of it had to have contributed at least 5%… uhh, fine, 9%… 😎)


  1. Good luck with the studying. Stay in the library and away from the sticky pages of Maxim. Ewwwww (as you would say).

  2. wooo.. Gil’s threatening to stop his blogging? I’m soiling my pants in fear as I type.

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