Gilbert Wants You To Vote, For Him UPDATEDx2!

Hot damn! Agent Zero brought down the thunder against Cleveland on Saturday didn’t he? BulletsFever breaks it down here (I agree, the gold unis live in action is fugly!).

I’ll come clean, before the season started, all the hullabaloo about Arenas zaaany antics were charming, but felt a bit too much (the sobering bio piece from Washington Post notwithstanding). However, now that the season is well under way and Gil-Man is putting on a crazy show once again, the man-crush engine is starting all over again (see: doodling / tributes)

Staying current with his blog, he mentions the All-Star balloting:diddy.jpg

I know ballots are out. I know Puffy had the Vote or Die, you know, with them shirts. You know, I want to have, β€œIf no one votes for me, I’m not going to do anymore blogs.”

Dude, just as soon as I break into a printing press, these will surely sell like rice cakes:


UPDATE!! Yes, you can REALLY buy them now! And I don’t even have to break into those high facility plants! Check out the back: Enjoy πŸ™‚ !!

UPDATE (2-double-0-7 Edition!):

The picture says it all dun’t it? Well, I needed to say THAT… but you know what I mean.. okay I’ll shutup now.. join the discussionz..

And seeing as we’re approaching the holiday-of-reluctantly-buying-crap for people you may or may not really like, I’d like to send out a wish for a gift I’d like to receive (that’s how it works right? Begging?) A while ago over at FreeDarko, they featured UndrCrwn’s Dynasty tees. When I tried to make the checkout payment, I was met with e-Commerce ethnic discrimination! See for yourself what they gave me!


Now now, I can easily give it to Mommy and forget the whole thing. But by Jorge, I’m demanding satisfaction! Then again, I might’ve clicked on “translate” by accident… Point being, someone buy me this shirt (en anglais s’il vous plait?) πŸ™‚

(thx for my bro with el translationz.. just in case: yes, that’s made up, no discrimination.. yet)


  1. If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable alternative to the Dynasty collection… Give Me The Rock has a store with 3 version of the item seen here

  2. Haha I love that Ben doesn’t use the shift key, he’s a defensive presence only!

    Ah, me stupido, lil’ Ben is #7… just me and my dumb keyboard jokes..(how nerdy is THAT??)

  3. SG

    Can I get the Arenas shirt in Wizards gold color?

  4. Very nice. Oh and Nels, whoever’s making that CafePress bullshit should probably burn in Hell for trying to rob UndrCrwn like that.

  5. You know you made it when.. Unsilent Majority leaves you a comment… (totally geeking out! πŸ™‚ )

  6. Did you see the link on Arenas’ blog itself? Kickass! He seems to like the shirts

  7. Pradamaster, no doubt I had a HUUUGE smile when I saw that πŸ˜€ !!!

  8. Wizards Sweetie!

    I really love this shirt. I am getting me one. Now if only I can get close enough at a home game for him to see it!

  9. Greg

    Big Time Wizards/Bullets fan. Have always been home grown. The 7th and F street boys (Verizon Center) are coming to a city near you. Gil has brought excitement back to DC for basketball. I’m at every home game in section 107. Just not close enough to get a Gil jersey when he gives them out. So I bought 3…LOL. Now I have to go get this Tee. Agent 0…I’m feeling that. And yall better vote Gil in. There isn’t a player in the league that can guard him. I hate to say this…but if he was in MIA, LA or another large market…he would definitly get the MVP votes. Anyway…Agent 0…take us to the playoffs…make some noise…and shock the world with “The Takeover”.

  10. I got to get me one of those shirts.

  11. Russell

    i hope gilbert arenas will send me his wizards basketball uniform here in the philippines. i dont have money to go there so i wish this christmas gilbert arenas send me his uniform instead of throwing to the fans. im his fan.. his a great and pure shooter! godbless!

  12. joe

    gilbert sucks

  13. Joe.. Joe BRYANT??!? Look.. your kid already said those immature statements when Gil dropped 60 on ’em, why do you have to be the cliched “hockey dad”?

  14. Youll be MVP!! Go Gilbert!! Go agent 0!! Kobe? Kobe who??? Go Gilbert!! MVP, MVP, MVP!!!

  15. scarpe

    Ich besichtige deinen Aufstellungsort wieder bald fur sicheres!

  16. Woah, Dirk’s not here, I’ll take a message tho …

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  1. 1 I give thanks to the Raptors « Cuzoogle

    […] Oh I forgot to mention I just went and voted. Not for anything important mind you, just the 2006/2007 NBA All-Star game!! I think you should go and vote as well and you better vote for Bosh or I am coming after you. Please don’t vote for this fool! […]

  2. 2 Send Gilbert to the All-Star game! |

    […] The first returns for the NBA ballots were returned today and Gilbert Arenas was 4th among Eastern Conference Guards. But if Iverson is traded to a team in the West, then suddenly Gilbert is 3rd. Gilbertology students and graduates need to unite and vote for Gilbert everyday and get him to at least #3. Or hope Vince has another one of his yearly injuries! The Hype breaks it down for you and has some nifty shirts to boot. […]

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