One Grammatically Correct Shirt Coming Right Up


SG holla-ed, I holla-ed back. That is the REMIX of a remix (feat. Henry Abbott‘s ill-rhymes!)

I say, Gilbert, I’m using you as a sacrificial lamb to get a little word-usage something off my chest: you have one blog, with multiple blog entries or posts. Article is to magazine as post is to blog.

Gotta go with Henry on this one. You must be aware of your syntax homie! Now that you’re one of us.

Is it time to jump on the Jazz bandwagon yet??
Oh, and me talky hoops once again… and for some reason Alex is pimping the school paper I write for heavily because he hates the other school publication (we have many student papers). Odd.

[Downloadable ish 14.5 MB mp3 – 10:34 mins]



  1. The Golden-Tees© have that effect on us feeble humanoids… (hah, just playing Lucas, this might explain somethin’ somethin’)

  2. Dammmmmn fool, hating on PJ Brown! He’s not THAT old. Excuse you, Mr. Sweet Sixteen.

  3. Yeah I read that last post too. I’m just slow.

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