Celebs + Fantasy Ball = …Snoozeville?

You put people like Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell, Kenny Smith AND the Sports Guy Bill Simmons in a Fantasy League, surely wacky message board hijinks/classic trash talking will ensue n’est pas? Well..not quite…

what a league Posted By Bill Simmons (The Champs) Posted On 11/17/2006 1:13 PM ET

All the crappy teams get to cherry-pick the best free agents each week and the teams that actually picked good teams and have been winning don’t get to improve. Next year I’m pulling a Bernie Mac and tanking the first 2 weeks so I can pick up Andres Biedrins on my team. Oh, wait, Bernie didn’t intentionally tank the first 2 weeks? I’m sorry… my bad.

Ooh, Bernie, what you say??

Re:what a league Posted By Bernie Mac Posted On 11/20/2006 2:32 PM ET

Bill, Bill, Bill … Man, I didn’t know you had the truth in you. You finally manned up, Bill.

Hmm, still not at the fireworks level that I want from you guys! C’mon guys, I know this isn’t your real medium, but what else you got? Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock, I know you WILD childs have some naughty things to say!

Centers available Posted By Pam Anderson/Kid Rock Posted On 11/02/2006 9:39 AM ET

Our team has 4 players (Okur, Dalembert, Paculia, Camby) that can fill the center position. There are a few of you that have only one center. Make us an offer. We are looking for a forward.

zzzzz… whha? *sighs* Fine, so you guys are actually serious about this… geez, I can pretty much peak in to any other fantasy league board and much find the same type of conservations. (Not my league though, we’re anti-social and don’t like instigating in fear of actual backlash)

If you’re still reading, here’s how that Celeb-Fantasy League Message Board can be hyped, UnrelatednessStyle:





Man, can’t NBA.com have some sort of pay per view for THAT version? Or just have Sam L. type WHAT! a lot.

Celebrity Fantasy League [NBA.com via Gil’s blog (seriously, that’s where I get all my news now.. even local news.. and weather)]

Longest. Bracket. Explanation. Ever.


  1. Pam: “I got four guys manning the center position and Dalembert is hung like fucking Tommy Lee. Seriously guys, this Samuel D. is the epitome of long. Hello, anyone want my center? I’ll rub my tits in your face.”

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