Friday Picks!


Here are my Friday picks for viewing tonight: Dallas @ SanAn and New Joisey @ PHO. And while we’re at it, Knicks vs. Celtics: the excitment is killing me!

I neglected to say what I’m thankful for yesterday (though since I’m Canadian the conversion doesn’t work well anyway) but here’s a way of giving thanks, VISA commercials style:

Blogging: free
Photoshopping fake Arenas t-shirts to be put on blog: free
Remembering that you can actually sell those fake tees: free, but I’m slow
Having the subject of those fake tees LINK BACK to your site on his NBA blog!: PRICELESS

Have a great weekend folks! And remember to keep voting for your favourite George, rem voted and added a great reason. So whoever votes and has a good reason, you WIN!

  1. OH MY WORD!!! Make sure to send him a free t-shirt!!!!

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