Thursday Gumsticks


Alright, this day shall be a combo of weird unrelatedness links and some bball. Some. Allez-y!philcomplaints.jpg

Phil Jackson got some beef with some people. He pointed fingers and called names and was being a big boo-boo face.

“The big key with Drew is they wouldn’t let him play,” Jackson said following the game.

Jackson called the matchup a “roughhouse game” and it was “one of those nights in Utah that you know you’re going to get.”

“The league throws out some referee corps that you’re dubious about to start with and, you know, the game ends up to be like that,” he said.

Each team was called for 26 fouls.

Heh, I love the dry humour of that last line from the AP report, way to stick it to Phil! Oh AP report, you slay me, SLAY me I say!


Let’s see, last night saw a bunch of action go down… some quick fires: Nets are actually among the living, who knew?… Knicks beat Cavs, like woah dude… Looking for some introspection for why the Spurs lost to the Jazz(s? es?)…For an outlook on tonight’s game one of TNT Thursday, Natalie from Need4Sheed previews the matchup vs. the Heat, complete with a Tay-mix.

And my prediction for the Ootah/Lakers game?: Boozer gets facialized either by Kobe, Odom, Denzel Washington or a combination of all three.

brucelee.jpgBruce Lee’s theme park can totally kick Chuck Norris’ theme park’s ass.

Sticking with more kickingass-fu, Jean Claude Van Damme isn’t going to be in Rush Hour 3. DAMME it! (ha..ha..ha..)



Might have the radiocast thingy up later that all of you were dying for (re: probably only Ms. SunsGossip 😉 )
Update-y: Well, considering this was done on Monday and almost everything we talked about is even older, the whole thing is pretty much… passé. HOWEVER! You must listen, for my ego is very very fragile 🙂

[Downloadable 12.1 MB mp3 – 8:51 mins]



  1. Where’s the radiocast?

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