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Tis very very sad indeed.. (damn, I’m totally being subliminally conditioned!!)

But here’s a couple more uplifting and interesting linkz: Ryan from had a cool interview with an ex-NBAer that covered a lot of fascinating insights to his NBA journey.

The Nugg Doctor is banging as of late seeing as the whole Denver area is seemingly shot up with enthusiasm (figuratively speaking of course—unless they’re all druggies.. in which case.. oh.) N. Doc even went as far as having a friendly bet with another “Nick” over at Defence Wins Championships for this week’s games.

I feel bad for neglecting to mention how I did when I went up against DWC’s Nick—what can I say, I’m drunk 3/4 of time. But since I’m a modest man (I’m really not) I won’t rub it in (I so won 😈)

Hey, 2006? We had some good times.. but I’m seeing someone else.. they’re newer.. younger.. numerically greater than you.. Don’t worry, you’ll find someone else I’m sure 🙂


Your ’06 garments getting you down? Are you unsatisfied with the lack of NBA off-kilter references in the designs? Why not just incinerate those sad excuses of “clothing” and ride these new ish for ’07?

You’ve got your essentialz: future prez and vprez support tees and your hard rock TNT analysis-es (available in more than 1 colour, yes!)!!

Buy one buy all!

Happy 27th of December! What a joyous day indeed. Today we come back with our returning champ Ken Jennings to play Jeopardy: NBA Injury Watch Showdown. It’s been a wacky first couple of NBA months with many key players sitting out. Oy, the New Year isn’t going to look fun for some fans out there I tell ya. But first, let’s take a look at our categories:

Alright Ken, your turn to pick.

Oh heh, well, I really don’t know anything about basketball… but I guess I’ll take “From Contenders to Pretenders” for $100! Haha, “Pretender” you remember that show? That was a cool show man, the guy got to pretend like different people..yeah.. fun stuff..

Um..oookaay.. let’s just see the clue:

…you know what other show was cool? Alias. I love those weird Rambaldi devices and the wicked spy gadgets! Ah.. and Ms. Jennifer Garner. Man what happened to it? It got all messed up when they jumped the timeline, don’t you hate when shows do that?—

… We were looking for Nenad Krstic… NENAD KRSTIC (how did you win all those times before?)

Okok, I actually know this one. I saw a documentary on this. It was the one where there were dinosaurs and pirates! Um.. uhh.. the name’s just on the tip of my tongue.. it’s it’s oooh ooh! OK I know! It’s Beethoven. aaaaha! Nah, just kidding Alex…. WHO IS Beethoven

OMG, are you high?? It’s flippin’ YAO! Last chance:

Who is Paul Pierce.

That..that.. is actually correct! Holy shit yes! How did you pull that off?!

I hate the Celtics. It’s that simple.

Of course.

I taped this unprecedented, earth shattering, event the other night and thought it was quite amusing, (see the other day’s post about their adventure)

I couldn’t find a copy on YouTube so I took the liberté and uploaded it myself—which explains the godawful capture quality (sorry folks, still using archaic transferring technologies…hey you got some free MacBooks lying around, hooks me up yo!)

Anyways, enjoy thy goodie on this sad 24th of December where no NBA game is played, before the SternBot and/or ABC monkeys sends out Sentinels to eviscerate my vid.. snif.. 🙂

let's see reggie evans grab HIM

So there’s an interesting article from Doug Smith of the Toronto Star looking at the decrease of “ironman” players in the NBA in recent years.

From a high of 57 ironmen in the 1999-2000 season (not including the lockout-shortened 1998-99), the number dropped to 23 a year ago after only 20 managed to pull off the feat in 2003-04. For a league with 30 teams employing about 450 players, that’s about 5 per cent and is in stark contrast to other major professional sports leagues.

Smith doesn’t really come to a definitive conclusion as to why things are different than 5 years ago. He brought up rule changes that allow for easier maneuverability and advances in treatment that theoretically is supposed to help players stay active. Yet it’s evident that players aren’t playing through the lil’ banged up injuries. But I think senior player/de-facto coach/530 year old Dino Darrick Martin sum it up best:

“Things are different,” Martin said. “Things evolve over time, not that it’s a bad thing, but guys may not play through as many injuries as we had to back in the day. It’s not good or it’s not bad, it’s just different.”

I personally don’t think it’s a horrible thing that we don’t see players play through injuries as much—in fact, that helps their career further down the line. I hate to bring it up, but since he’s in the news of coming back: Penny Hardaway. Perhaps somewhere in his early amazing start he could’ve sat out a string of games and think of the bigger picture so that he didn’t the knees wouldn’t have taken the abuses it did. Maybe the same argument can be used with Grant Hill? I’m just guessing here anyway. But I think I rather have the Dwyane Wades/Chris Boshes sit out a bit if they can be stronger later on and not have more critical/career ending injuries be built up.

That was mes deux cents. Share you holiday thoughts/dreams/world domination ideas in the comments!

Housekeeping: posting a lil’ less in the next week so that I can properly digest the huge consumption of food I’m about to binge on 🙂 Happy Holidays you craaazy Interneters!

Making the rounds over at the NBA FanHouse and Awful Announcing comes this masterpiece:

As been documented in the UnrelatednessClan once not long ago, we hate the PSD. The only thing that makes the PSD tolerable is that PSD also stands for “photoshop document”—something we are in love with(UPDATE: it’s come to my unfortunate attention in the comments that it’s really PCD and not PSD… it’s a holiday miracle!!!)

ANYWAY, if you thought that lil’ ditty was ‘something’, wait til you hear what was left on the cutting floor:

Bada bada ba! Bada bada bowww!

Lakers/Heat aint a matchup you looking for
Don’t confuse us with a bunch of whores
You know that Shaq caaan’t duuunk no mooooore!

[music picks up]

Don’t you over-react like ‘Sheed
Or else you blow the (20 point) lead
Fuck it, let’s just smooooke soome weeeeeed!

Uh-huuuuh… Uh-huuuuuh… Uh-huuuuuh

Um.. awkwardly segueing from that.. Hoops Addict has a wonderful podcast with Rus Bradburd, the author of “Paddy on the Hardwood”—great insights of a man wanting to get away from the stress of the structure of U.S. hoops by going to Ireland—however he falls right back in love with the game because he gets to teach it to a bunch of guys because they play for the purity of it and not the money, fame, etc.

Recommended listen and it really makes you want to go check out the book (c’mon Amazon, I’m waiting!)

You gotta read the CHRONIC!cle article about Yao and McGrady’s late night television appearance taped Monday, tons of great quotes, my fav:

McGrady is told of the Yao video making the rounds on the Internet in which he makes a tough jumper, then is seen shouting, “You can’t (expletive) stop me!”

“No!” McGrady shouts, falling back in his seat. “He didn’t say that! You said that, big fella? What did you say? What did you say? What did you say? Say it now.”

With Yao laughing too hard to answer, McGrady realizes why Yao won’t tell him.

“Wait a minute,” McGrady says. “You said it in English? The same game you beat your chest? Oh, that’s great.”

In case, here’s the vid. I must ponder over the social ramifications of this, assuming YouTube isn’t blocked in China. Yao’s the shit over there, so Chinese ballers that watched it will now have a new found appreciation for el “swagger”. This is good, because I really want their smack talk lexicon to go from, “hello, I will score on you, sir” to “I will f^&*%king eat your babies bitch!!”

Oh btw: HELL YES!!

Surely the questions around ye massive trade is “could the Sixers’ have gotten more (aka suck less)” in terms of acquiring JR Smith. I can only wonder what Greg Oden is thinking as he’s watching all this on television. I’m guessing: “what’s for dinner” is the likely thought, but that’s just me.

Personally, I think the party taking the heaviest hit is Jason’s Denver tag ( can a tag tracker get O.Ded?)

The combo of AI + Melo + JR Smith = Crazy Delicious! 79.2 pts! The Wizards’ Big 3 are going to get a good challenge. Mind you at least Caron Butler, Jamison and Arenas have clearly defined scoring habits whereas Carmelo and Iverson do the outside-inside thing very similarily. That being said, I cannot wait until Melo and JR gets back 🙂

On the other, I don’t know how we didn’t see this Denver result coming waay earlier. The NASA evidence is astounding:
just like Alias, when it was still good
Just like Bruce Willis was a ghost all along (spoiler warnings are for the weak!), Iverson was right with Melo and J.R. the whole time.. spooky.

According to an article (which, btw, has a kickass snarky title) by Steve Buffery of TorontoSun dot com, Steve Nash likes the way the Dinos play:

“I think it’s exciting that Toronto has a young and exciting team and, as a Canadian, I’m rooting for them,” Nash said. “I want them to do well, and I think it’s great that Bryan’s been able to create a new culture with the team and I think they’re on the right track.”

Hmm, interesting that he said that… even more interesting given the fact that I found out about a little exchange going down…town…nashsecrets.jpg

Just so you know Sam Mitchell is in fact the master of “answering dumb questions with an even dumber response in a totally unironic way”:

He also chided a couple of hacks who floated the theory that Steve Nash’s winning two MVP awards is a surprise given his Canadian background and lack of size.

“Nobody was surprised when Magic (Johnson) won or (Michael) Jordan won, so why is it a surprise that it’s Steve Nash?” Mitchell said. “That’s your shortcomings.”

Ah, I’ll miss Sammy’s verbal-fu when he’s gone after the All-Star break…

The Brawl (with a little love tap where the sun dun’ shine)? pfft. Iverson trade talk? lame. PHX can get 20 Ws stringed up? *yawn* (no, actually, that’s pretty freaking awesome! Sir Chuck, eat your heart out!)

Of course, the huge news is Mr. Black President droppin’ 60 points in an unconscious effort to beat the Lake Show on the road. That Kobe went for a puny 45, what a wuss. As much as I try my best to shy away from being Arenas post-happy, this event cannot be denied. And he did it with those crazy gold unis!
In other news, fellow blogger (high five!) Nick over at Defence Wins Championships asked if I can be their guest Predictor of the Week. It was a very difficult decision, but after talking to my advisors, we agreed this could be, and I quote: “fun”. So I told Nick yes! All I really had to do is guess how many wins/losses a team is going to get in a week—it’s easier than Jeopardy (and we all know 3 month olds can kick Alex Trebek’s ass)

Anyway, my pick was the NOOCH, and I have them going 1-3 this week. Head on over to Defence Wins Championships to see my expertized reasoning as well as Nick’s picks.

Per usual on Mondays, the RadioCast:

We “mentioned” the brawl; Raptors’ Jose Calderon; some vague Iverson talk; and me just going crazy about Agent Six-Zero

But the show is going on vacation until Jan. 8th so you’ll just have to pretend I’m on a show every Monday from now til next year…*snif*

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