And That’s Why He’s Funny


Alright, as of press time, Gil-man is leading his Wizards 31-23 over the puny Dallas Mavericks with 9pts on a hawwwwt hot 4 of 6 shooting! (Lucifer gets burned on numbers like that!)

I’m watching the game as carefully as I can to see if Arenas does indeed spit fire on those that defy his Zeroness.

Oh, okok, I swear I’ll calm down on these Gilbert Arenas manic trips.. I know, one more post like this, the UnrelatednessShelter may as well be considered a one team only site.

And hello? what’s this..? new merch…? why yes… please.. click if you must…



  1. You’re sending all of these to him, right?

  2. I’m working on it…slowly… hopefully my contact can help me out!! If not, you MUST send a plea to the radiant Jamie Mottram to complete this mission!

  3. SG

    I had no idea you were actually selling the shirts. That’s awesome. I need to pay more attention.

  4. Nick

    I hate you. Thats why i bought one. Cause its freaking awesome.

  5. Sonia, heeey.. just in time for Gift Day eh?? hint hint, wink wink 🙂

    SunsGossip.. ahh!! my wretched studying, ruining my favourite listener’s fix heh (I’ll do my bestest to get it tomorrow… howeva, I had a off day doing it yesterday, going 0-12 with a couple turnovers, so kinda sucky)

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