How ‘Bout Them Suns?

So this Nash fella, you think he’s got a future? I’m going give him a couple more years… show me what you can do at age 40, then we’ll talk eh?

Seriously: WOAH. Ah, the joys of not even having the option of watching this game (sniff… anyone want to hook me up with internet League Pass?? In exchange I’ll er.. I’ll.. something)

Check out my verbal dissection about the NBA last Monday (seemed like a long time ago huh) Of note: I sounded horrible, probably because I was distracted like Lamar Odom on an inbounds play. I think I was just hungry.

[Downloadable 20.8 MB mp3 – 15:12 mins]
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  1. If you were hungry, it was in the Suns-hungry-for-a-win kind of way. Tight, as always. 😉

  2. rem

    crouch+kick+strong jab+block=power move / deathstare

    with occasional butt pat

  3. haha good one rem, I’d counter with: ⇓⇒⇑ + 3pt-shot = shorryu-dagger

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