Trade? We Talkin’ Bout Trade? Not A Game. TRADE.

Actually, I guess this is a bit more serious than the title suggests.

Allen Iverson, as a Sixer, meant a lot not only to Philly hoop fans, but a generation of young ballers. So it’s still kind of unbelievable that The Answer won’t be in a Sixers uniform anymore. That just FEELS weird you know? Just like MJ in that Wizards uni (it NEVER happened)

So the real question is: which team is Iverson going to end up on? Thank bhudda you came here, because insider sources just told me this:


SHAOLIN TEMPLE (Unrelatedness AP)—Sources have confirmed that AI just signed a contract worth 300 bowls of rice and daily servings of vegetables with the Shaolin Monks.

The Monks were able to deal away their future 1st round picks as well as their Ancient Scrolls in order to get Iverson from the Sixers.

“Yeah man, them Scrolls are gonna help us become more defensively minded,” said veteran Chris Webber, “I’m just hoping we don’t have to face them this year… because their Eagle Claw offence? Daaaamn.”

The Unrelatedness AP weren’t able to get Iverson to comment, as he literally FLEW away right in front of our reporters. He freakin flew


  1. SG

    I’m glad you took a break from your exams to make that awesome pic.

  2. Allen Iverson ain’t nuthing ta fuck with.

  3. rem

    ahhh…Shaolin Ai has found inner peace

    now all should fear the wrath of the thousand blinding fist attack (minus the wires of course)

    the Sixers have the Ancient Scroll now???


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