Rapid Fire and RadioCast


First the quick hits:

BulletsFever is dead. Long live BulletsForever! SB Nation is a great fit for the Pradamaster, congrats.

New Carnival of the Month with enough links to fill Santa’s gift bag.

Got a kind email letting me know of Brett Edwards’ post about that wacky Ronny Turiaf and his waaaacky antics:

It’s clear what’s going on here: Ronny is addicted to rosin powder—he’s a RosinPowderolic… so, so sad.

And what’s the best thing to do after coming out of an exam room? Do a radio show with buddies!

[Downloadable 17.1 MB mp3 – 12:28 mins]
Previously on TheHype’s NBA RadioCasts…]



  1. Is that actually rosin powder? It makes sense- I just never realized that they used the same stuff as baseball pitchers.

    Either way, everyone knows that Ronny has very smooth hands, due to fantastic grooming and maintenance, so his need is understandable.

  2. Please tell me you Photoshopped that Wookie into the Sonics uni?

    No wonder the city won’t give them an arena.

  3. My Jedi-photoshop skillz haven’t reached that level yet.. but I can assure you that the Falcon was really in the Key Arena, you must believe me!

  4. Well damn, red carpet treatment on the radio, lowpost.net interview, you done blowed up, cousin!

  5. rem

    which one makes more noise as it flies by or it lands for that matter?

    …the Wookie or the Falcon?


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